Prior to your Session
Portraits are a milestone in any family, and I appreciate how extremely special they are to you, a lot of time and effort is put into getting your hair, makeup and clothing exactly how your want it, not to mention getting the whole family there! 
To reflect your lifestyle, personality and unique connection you share with your loved ones to the best of my ability we begin with a PLANNING SESSION at my studio.  This ensures your portrait session runs seamlessly, I learn more about who is going to be in your portrait, arrange times, talk through location options and discuss clothing choices, accessories and personal items for you to include. 

This initial consult is crucial in establishing a mutual rapport and will help us embrace the key elements of your life and how we are going to interpret them into meaningful images that reflect your relationships and lifestyle.
During to your Session
Kim Sargent Photography sessions are full of laughter, fun and ultimately are aimed at capturing the connection you share with your loved ones or in the case of individual portraits we show the love and and beauty within you.

My aim is to provide surroundings that make you feel at ease and to create a sense of energy that will show through in each image and tells a story about the dynamics you have with each other and bring out your individual

Personalise your session with items that represent your life and loves… musical instruments, sorts equipment, favourite toys, coats/jackets, hats or scarves… just to mention a few.  Wear clothes that reflect your personality, and that you feel comfortable in. Solid colours in matching tonal ranges.  You can choose to be stylish and casual or as glamorous as you like.
Location of your Session
Choosing the location of your portrait session understandably reflects hugely on your end product.  A studio portrait session leads to clean simple lines for your portraits, weather is not an issue and I have a gorgeous natural light studio that offers both light uplifting areas as well as darker natural timber and brick zones to offer you variety.  

Location photography sessions are varied, with options including countrysides, parks, old buildings, the beach or at your home. The particular location comes back to your lifestyle and what brings you to a familiar place of happiness to represent you and your family.

During your planning session, we take the time to discuss which location is going to best suit the end product that you are after. You also have the opportunity to look around my studio during this time.
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