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 “Greet each day with your eyes open to beauty,
Your mind open to change, and your heart open to love"

Welcome to Kim Sargent Photography, where we celebrate and embrace life in every way offering you the most amazing memories of moments in your life that otherwise pass all too quickly.  I am extremely passionate about my photography and how it offers you a platform to ‘freeze’ time for the enjoyment of you and your family for years to come.  May it be your Ultimate Wedding Day or your Precious New Born Baby, these immeasurable moments in life pass all too quickly and Kim Sargent Photography specialises in producing timeless images of them in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.  

Celebrate those that you love and immortalise your feelings in the images that I capture for you, be it in the ‘crazy, fun moments’ or the ‘quiet, tender moments’, you will truly treasure them – I am continually receiving heartfelt appreciation for the irreplaceable moments in time that I produce for couples and families.  One of the most cherished possessions your children have now and when they are older are loving memories of you and them together… give them the greatest gift of all and create them now!

Why are we here if not to celebrate and appreciate all of the milestones that represent what our life is... have you just welcomed the arrival of a new little life into your family or is your little one mastering the art of sitting or walking? Or is your teenager about to leave home?  It’s these amazing milestones that all too easily slip by and you don’t realise their importance until they have past.

Enquire now for a no obligation consultation to discuss your Photography requirements and how I can fulfil them for you.

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